Do you really need Travel Insurance?

We believe this is the usually question flooding in our mind when we are about to complete our airline ticketing purchase. You may add-on many other services such as on-flight meals, premium seat, upgrade baggage etc, but when it come to Travel Insurance, do you tick purchase without hesitation or you pray for God blessing and tick no?

Travel Insurance is unusually not too expensive, and thus many people may just include them as part of their travelling expense without thinking too much. However, it is really necessary to include them? Let’s us explore if you truly need a travel insurance.

Understand what is covered in your Travel Insurance Plan

Most travel insurance includes personal accident, flight delay, missing baggage, medical, evacuation and Repatriation etc. Now, think if you are likely to be ended in that situation?

1)      Visiting Country

If you are visiting a country with poor security & stability, or economically backward. Chances of you getting rob, or falling sick due to hygienic problem would be much higher compared to you visiting a well developed countries. In this case, it make sense that you may want to be better protected with a Travel Insurance Plan.

2)      Travelling Activities

Depending what are you planning to do in the foreign country. If you are on a business tip and you are more likely to be visiting clients in their office, then why would you spend a cent on Travel Insurance? But, if you are venturing to Vietnam and intend to experience the Vietcong living, then you should get insurance. Bring your family to Disneyland and nothing more than visiting the zoo and museums, then maybe you want to save on Travel Insurance and get more souvenirs for your friends.

3)      Travel Alone or in Group

If you are travelling to foreign land in group tour, meaning, there is tour guide, well organised activities, clean coach to bring you around, pre-order food and everything well taken care of, then spending on Travel Insurance seems unnecessary, unlike you intend to do something wild on your free time. But, if you are adventuring to a host country on your own and first time, intended to rent a bike, then it is advisable to get protection.

 4)      Medical / Physical Condition

If you are physically fit and mentally strong, it is unlikely that you will fall ill in a foreign land, but if you have medically history, it is wise to take up the Travel Insurance Plan, at least you need not worry too much if you need medical attention during your tip.

5)      Credit Card Coverage

Some of the credit cards offer flight delay, baggage lost benefits when you charge your travelling expenses using their card. In this case, why pay a single cent more on Travel Insurance? Check with your credit card provider and you can save a bit.

Depending on your travel itinerary, duration and destination, you can then make a better decision if you really need Travel Insurance.