14% of Malaysian hotels were disabled-friendly

Malaysia hotels are not disabled-friendly! Only 14% of Malaysian hotels were disabled-friendly as per the findings of a recent study.

Agoda.com’s recent Travel Smarts study ascertained the countries with the most and least disabled-accessible hotels.

It’s interesting to see which countries were at the extreme spectrums. The US has the highest percentage of handicapped accessible hotels at 77%, while Laos has the lowest at 1%.

The study looked at information provided by more than 600,000 hotels available for online booking on Agoda.com. Tied for a distant second are the United Arab Emirates, Ireland and Portugal. Fifty-five percent of the hotels in each of those countries offer facilities for guests with disabilities.

Many factors influence whether hotels will have accessible facilities, including local laws and regulations, the type of visitors who come to the destination, and the age of most accommodations.

United Arab Emirates, for example, has seen a more than decade-long building boom resulting in many newly built hotels, which are more likely to be disabled-accessible. In its capital, Abu Dhabi, 90% of the hotels have facilities for the handicapped.

Singapore was the highest-ranking South-East Asian country, coming in 18th place overall with 40% of its hotels on Agoda.com offering facilities for guests with disabilities. Other countries in Asia didn’t fare as well, with five of the 10 destinations at the bottom of the list coming from the region.